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Our Philosophy

A generation business from Lörrach


For Heinze Pharmavertrieb, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, and professional advice is the prerequisite for a trustworthy and fast business transaction. Many customers from Germany and Switzerland have been among our satisfied clientele for decades.


Their feedback is very important to us because regular discussions with our customers and business partners enable us to keep improving our service. We listen when it comes to the wishes and needs of our customers.


As a cross-generational family business, we attach great importance to harmonious management. Many of our employees have been part of our company for a long time and appreciate this atmosphere. When problems arise, the management always puts itself in front of the employees and intervenes personally. This approach, which often requires a great deal of flexibility, has proven itself in the past and we will maintain this guiding principle in the future.


We are highly dependent on health legislation in Switzerland, Germany, and other European countries. Through personal commitment, discussions with staff and clients, we try to ensure a smooth and legally sound business process. Therefore, we maintain close cooperation with the authorities such as the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, the customs offices in Germany and Switzerland, and others.


We see ourselves as a service company in the pharmaceutical sector specializing in the import and export of international medicinal products, whereby the import into Germany is carried out following § 73.3 AMG – no re-import.

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