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We view ourselves as a service company in the area of pharmaceuticals and as specialists in importing and exporting international medicines, whereby importing into Germany is done in accord with ยง 73.3 AMG (Pharmaceuticals Regulation), i.e. no re-imports.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we believe that providing good professional consultation is the prerequisite for positive business transactions. We also believe that confidential and speedy processing of transactions is also highly important. Many Swiss and German customers have been part of our satisfied customer base for several decades.

We want to continually improve our service through regular contact with our customers. Through these meetings, we want to find out more about customer needs and wishes, and then integrate this information into our daily work.

We regard ourselves as a family enterprise, and we believe that a management that works well together is important. Most of our employees approve of this principle, which is reflected by their company loyalty over a longer period of time. It is also very important for us to maintain good relationships with local authorities (Freiburg Regional Council, Customs Officials in Germany, Switzerland, etc.).

If problems occur, management will continually intercede, protecting individual employees. This procedure requires extreme flexibility, but it has proven to be effective in the past, and it will continue to be our guideline for the future. 

We are highly dependent upon health legislation in Switzerland, in Germany, etc. Accordingly, we attempt to ensure smooth business procedures without legal infringement through personal intercession and through close contact with our personnel and customers.